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Soft Bearing Suspensions for Dynamic Balancing- SBS2000



SBS-2000 is a balancing support kit intended to provide you a way to build your own balancing machine at a very low cost with very high performances.

For a better contact between the shaft and the SBS-2000, the rolling elements have a swing system with a pitch up to 10 degrees, this way the SBS-2000 get aligned automatically with the shaft to prevent distortion on the shaft’s rolling surface.

The SBS-2000 allow you to create a balancer for large rotors up to 2000 kg. This balancing machine will allow you to perform balancing jobs in 2 planes as well as in a single plane and cantilever. Manufacture the bed for the desired length, this way you will not be limited in the size of the rotor.


  • Set of 2 SBS (1,000 kg each)

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Additional information

Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 38 × 11 × 45 cm