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Real Life ODS and Motion Magnification Technology WiSER 3x Kit - Dragon Vision



Dragon Vision ODS allows you to use the well known power of the accelerometers to enchance the vibration in ways the human eye cannot see. Take a picture and process vibration to create amazing simulations.

With the help of any accelerometer like the WiSER3x, instead of a video recording, you can detect up to 15,000 Hz in any axis and with very high precision. With this, you’ll be able to detect bearing issues, gearbox problems and many, many more. And you can also use the charging port to connect a reference accelerometer. This kit got you completely covered!

Motion magnification or Motion amplification analysis tools from competitive systems that use solely a video camera for data collection are quite limited. Using accelerometers allows you to analyze a wide variety of problems within your machines with the same accuracy you know from other systems.

This kit includes:

  • 1 Dragon Vision License
  • WiSER 3X
  • Reference channel accelerometer

(License information will be sent by email within 24 hours of your purchase – 1 license)