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Wireles Amperage Sensor / Phantom EPH-C30 - 4 Phases Current Sensor



Phantom is the best all-inclusive battery powered wireless machine monitoring system worldwide. Phantom’s exclusive technology enables full frequency range diagnosis just like ICP Accelerometers.

Phantom EPH-C30 is a Wireless Current Sensor with 4 channels (Amperage) which uses four simple Current Transformer sensors for monitoring. Easily monitor the AC electrical current of your machines and devices. This sensor is meant for either measuring 4 phases on a single motor, or else measuring 1 phase for 4 different motors. Includes 4 AC Split-Core current transformer clamps.

EPH-C30 can be set for a Range of 1 to 500 AMP (depending on the type of clamp). Additionally, this sensor can measure with precision the power consumption of your electric devices.


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Additional information

Weight .138 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 3 cm