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Single Axis Wireless ICP Accelerometer / EI-WiSER



A Wireless Accelerometer EI-WiSER is a device that converts motion or vibration into a voltage signal which is then transmitted to a receiver using a wireless protocol. Wireless accelerometers are used in industry to avoid the usage of cables which can be expensive or difficult to install.

Our EI-WiSER is a vibration sensor specially designed for vibration analysis with universal compatibility. EI-WiSER is a wifi accelerometer that sends 1| axis vibration data  to any data collector in the market. Also, WiSER is a wireless ultra-low noise accelerometer with 15 kHz bandwidth that exceeds the characteristics above all of most conventional accelerometers.


  • Charger
  • Hard Case
  • Dongle


Technical Specifications

Sensitivity 100mV/g
Operation Distance (max) 30 m
Sample Rate 48 Khz / 24 bits
Dynamic Range 20 G
Battery Type CR123
Battery Life 10 hr / 10000 hr
Dimensios (LxD) 91.50 mm x 40.19 mm
Weight 110 g (230g/with magnetic base)
Protection Grade IP67
Software Compatible DigivibeMX, WiSER VIBE, WiSER Balance
Standard 5-Pin LEMO (5V)
Frequency Response (+/-3dB): 0.32-10 Khz

Main Features

  • Rechargable Battery.
  • WiSER Universal Receiver (2 Channels) compatible.
  • WiSER VIBE compatible (iOS).
  • WiSER Balance compatible (iOS).
  • IP67 Protection Grade.
  • Automatic shut down (standby mode)
  • 5-pin LEMO connector for additional sensors.